Saving Green by Going Green

Posted by Tyler on June 28, 2010

Bad puns aside, this is something that I am relatively proud of.  During our last round of purchases of computers I noticed a new option Dell has on their computer customization page called “Plant a Tree for Me”.  Dell has partnered with The Conservation Fund and to allow anyone buying a computer “to offset the CO2 emissions related to the use of an extended selection of IT products.”  Simply put, if you select this option you choose to donate a few dollars so that a tree (or two) will be planted for every computer purchased.

The last order we purchased was for new computer equipment to go into Young Hall once the renovation is complete.  One tree will be planted for every laptop, LCD monitor, and desktop in the order.  Totaling up our order, we would have over 200 trees planted for that purchase alone.  Soon we will need to order replacement computers for staff and faculty, as well as machines for many other labs and classroom spaces on campus.  For every order we make we will be including the “Plant a Tree for Me” option where we can.

One of the best parts (besides saving the planet that is) is that  by selecting this option, Dell provides a discount on our order.  We saved close to $20,000 on that order alone.  So by choosing to be environmentally conscious in our order, we are also able to save a great deal of money!

If you are interested in reading more about Dell’s “Plant a Tree for Me” program, check out these links!

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