Book Recommendations by Abbie Yamamoto


Dr. Miyabi ‘Abbie’ Yamamoto

Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese

Dr. Miyabi ‘Abbie’ Modry Yamamoto was born in Tokyo and raised in Tsukuba, Japan. Growing up with parents who loved reading, critiquing, and translating Japanese and English literature all the time, she was immersed in literature and translation from an early age. She completed half of Japanese high school and then transferred to a United World College in Victoria, Canada, where she completed a bilingual IB (English and Japanese). After that, she lived in New York City, attending Barnard College, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seoul, Tokyo, and New York City again, while in graduate school at University of California, Berkeley. At Centre, she teaches Japanese language, culture, and literature.

Favorite book in college:

The Confessions of Lady Nijō. (trans. Karen Brazell) Stanford UP: 1973.


Favorite discipline-related book:

Early Modern Japanese Literature: An Anthology 1600-1900. (ed. Haruo Shirane) Columbia UP: 2002.


Book recommendation for students:

Any book that captivates you and read lots.


One book you would have on a deserted island:

 Kasō girei (“Virtual Ritual”) by Shinoda Setsuko.


Favorite authors:

Yukio Mishima, Monzaemon Chikamatsu, Setsuko Shinoda (yet to be translated into English), Minako Saitō (critic), Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, Yi Yangji, Yū Miri, Akinari Ueda, Rumiko Takahashi (manga artist)


Last read:

Twentieth-Century Boy (manga)


Next read:

Death Note (manga)


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