10 Psychology Studies Gone Horribly Wrong

My friend just sent me this article, “10 Psychology Studies Gone Horribly Wrong.” As psychology students, we are probably familiar with most of the experiments already. If you consider them individually, each inspires its own questions on motivations and emotions involved (for example: Why did Milner’s participants continue? Do monkeys feel loneliness?)

Taken together, I think that the most meaningful inferrence that we can make of the studies is that science has a power to unintentionally affect and manipulate emotions, even to an extent that it devastates an individual — in some cases, causing them to commit suicide. I know some students in the psychology program at Centre College, myself included, are considering attending grad school and might be designing our own experiments with human subjects one day. The mistakes of the scientific community in the past serve as a reminder to be aware of the emotional impact on participants as one constructs studies, and if an experiment turns out to be harmful, terminate it before it causes more harm.